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AQUADECOR talawa wood, 1 kg
  • AQUADECOR talawa wood, 1 kg
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    AQUADECOR talawa wood, 1 kg

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    Great choice for wonderful biotope aquariums

    The talawa roots from Asia are very popular with aquascapers. They can be used to recreate wonderful biotope aquariums. The roots can be planted with Bucephalandras and Anubias, for example. These types of wood are particularly popular in blackwater biotope aquariums, as the roots release quite a lot of humic substances at the beginning and turn the water brownish. Humins, on the other hand, are very health-promoting for shrimp, fish, crabs, etc.

    Talawa is a buoyant wood and takes a relatively long time to sink. You can either water the root beforehand, weigh it down with stones in the aquarium or even stick it directly in a scape with suitable glue.

    Initially, there may be a white fuzz, which is often confused with mold. This is a bacterial lawn that disappears by itself after a short time (1-3 weeks). After a while, some bark will sometimes come off, but this is completely normal and does not cause any problems in the aquarium. The bark can either be removed from the tank or left in for grazing for shrimp. Catfish also like the wood for rasping.

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