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Blue-lined Rabbitfish
  • Blue-lined Rabbitfish
  • Blue-lined Rabbitfish

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    (Siganus doliatus)

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    Siganus doliatus, commonly known as blue-lined rabbitfish, scribbled rabbitfish,  or two-barred rabbitfish, is a species of marine ray-finned fish, a rabbitfish belonging to the family Siganidae. It is native to the western Pacific Ocean where it occurs on reefs and in lagoons.


    These fish do best in established reef tanks. Large amounts of live rock for grazing are preferred. Standard reef tank parameters are optimal. A tank of at least 120 gallons is necessary to prepare for the potentially large adult size. Once acclimated, they are very hardy, and will live many years in captivity. Care must be taken when handling these fish. A stab from their spines can cause severe pain.


    These fish are relatively easy to feed. They require a diet rich in plant matter, but will also accept meaty foods. They will accept flakes, frozen or freeze dried foods and will also graze nuisance algae from the aquarium décor.

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    UPCFish228Product TypeMarin Fish
    Care LevelModerateDietHerbivore
    Reef CompatibleReef SafeTemperamentPeaceful
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