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Blue Ribbon Eel EXPERT ONLY
  • Blue Ribbon Eel EXPERT ONLY
  • Blue Ribbon Eel EXPERT ONLY
  • Blue Ribbon Eel EXPERT ONLY

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    (Rhinomuraena quaesita)

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    The Ribbon Eel, or Ribbon Moray Eel, has unique characteristics include a long "ribbon-like" body, delicate jaws, and tubular anterior nostrils capped with an elaborate fan-like expansion.

    The colors of this eel can vary dramatically as it grows in length. The juvenile is jet-black with a yellow dorsal fin. When it reaches 25-32 inches in length, it transforms itself into a male and will become a bright blue with a yellow snout and lower jaw. As it grows and reaches a length of 33 or more inches, it will transform into a female and become entirely yellow or yellow-blue.

    The Ribbon Eel should be kept in a 55 gallon or larger aquarium with a deep (4-5 inch) sandy bottom under which it can live and hide. Its refuge may be a cave, man-made corals, or a PVC pipe that is buried in the sand with only one opening. The aquarium requires a tight-fitting lid to prevent escape.

    The Ribbon Eel feeds on live feeder fish, crab, or shrimp and does not want to compete for food.

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