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Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe
  • Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe
  • Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe

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    Why does BRS recommend this?

    When it comes to probes, not all are built alike. We went through many different brands of probes to bring one in that we were comfortable putting our name on. With high-quality materials, the BRS Lab Grade ORP probes will last longer than most other standard grade probes while giving more consistent readings in between calibrations.


    High quality, American-made ORP probe to meet your saltwater aquarium needs.

    • Made in the US under strict quality control
    • High-grade platinum rod
    • Double junction designed specifically for contact with proteins or heavy metals
    • Longer lifespan than single junction
    • BNC connector with superior insulators
    • Cable has low noise design with conductive copper layer between braid and center conductor
    • Less frequent and quicker calibration
    • 10 Ft Cord


    BRS Lab Grade ORP Probe Features:

    Double Junction Probe: A double junction probe has a second seal and junction found at the center of the probe. The double junction design adds to the cost and complexity of the probe but they are recommended in instances where the probe will come in contact with proteins or heavy metals. When these elements come in contact with the silver within the probe gel they can precipitate on the porous junction and clog it which can cause drift and shorten the life of probe.


    The double junction design used in this probe has a second junction in the center of the probe which creates two chambers within the probe. The first one is filled with the reference gel containing mostly potassium chloride, silver chloride and reference probe. The second chamber has just reference gel containing mostly potassium chloride. This design prevents precipitation by keeping the silver away from the second porous junction at the bottom of the probe which is exposed to the aquarium water.


    The BRS Lab Grade probe uses pelon strips as a junction material which is a true electrochemical insulator which allows a complete circuit between the reference probe and the tank but allows a very minimal transfer of elements found within the probe or tank. The pelon strip is also much easier to re-wet than the ceramic junctions in the case of accidental drying out of the probe.


    The BNC connector is also made to higher quality specifications with superior insulators between the shell and center pin to reduce noise and increase accuracy. The outer shell on the BRS Lab Grade Probe is made using Ultem rather than less expensive polycarbonate which is what most probes use because it is the most inexpensive material available. The Ultem shell is a highly resistant material and inert to a wide range of materials making this one of the more chemically compatible options available for probes like this.


    What's Included?

    1x BRS Double Junction ORP Probe

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