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200 micron filter sock, 4*8 inch (Small)
  • 200 micron filter sock, 4*8 inch (Small)
  • 200 micron filter sock, 4*8 inch (Small)

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    Filter socks are the most effective and convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove surplus food, waste, organic waste, dust and other particles. Removing these particles from the water column will reduce the amount of organic material that produces ammonia and other unwanted substances in the aquarium. Filter socks to prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, slag, etc., from damaging the pump motors. Normal filter sock use wants lower organic levels and results in CRYSTAL BRIGHT WATER!

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    1. حجم صغير و عملي جدا
        Maher Bashayreh 
      Sept. 21, 2021
      طول الجراب قصير و فعال في حال قصر مساحة السمب انا استخدمته لاني اضع الميديا بعد مرحلة الفلتر سوك
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