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Easy Masstick Ready to Use Fish Food (40g) - EasyReefs
  • Easy Masstick Ready to Use Fish Food (40g) - EasyReefs
  • Easy Masstick Ready to Use Fish Food (40g) - EasyReefs
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    Easy Masstick Ready to Use Fish Food (40g) - EasyReefs

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    EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food 40g (New No Preparation Ready to Use)
    Easy Masstick is everything you love about the original Masstick but now in a ready-to-use formulation that requires zero preparation.
    What is Masstick?
    Masstick is an innovative fish food that can stick to any surface of your aquarium-- from glass, to rocks, to even coral skeletons! This allows fish the opportunity to naturally graze just as they would in the ocean. Furthermore, Easy Masstick will stay in place for hours, so your fish can come and go as they please while eating as much or as little as they like!
    • Sticks to glass, rocks, or coral skeletons for ad-libitum and natural grazing
    • Complete and balanced for omnivores -- no additional supplements required!
    • Ideal for finicky eaters like Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Tangs, and Wrasses
    • LPS corals, azooxanthellate corals, and invertebrates love it too!
    • Composed only of all-natural ingredients from the ocean-- nothing from the land or freshwater, and nothing artificial
    • Zero preservatives or attractants
    • Can be mixed with vitamins and medications for treating sick or debilitated fish
    Directions for Use:
    • Knead desired amount between your fingers
    • Stick it wherever you like, preferably in the lower third of your aquarium
    • It is recommended to stick Easy Masstick to multiple surfaces in your aquarium so that your less aggressive fish can also have access to the food
    • Sit back and watch your fish peck just as they would in nature!
    • Can be mixed with other products, including mollusks, crustaceans, fish eggs, artemia, mysids, copepods, rotifers, vitamins %25 25 25 26amp; medications
    Palaemonetes varians, Microalgae, Macroalgae, Mineral Salt, Glycerol
    Nutritional Profile:
    • Protein: 29.85 %25 25 25
    • Fat: 3.3 %25 25 25
    • Fiber: 2.1 %25 25 25
    • Ash: 15.47 %25 25 25
    • Moisture: 29.35 %25 25 25
    Should I vary my fish’s diet with other products? It is not necessary. The natural origin and freeze-drying of the ingredients in Easy Masstick guarantee an optimal nutritional profile for marine animals. Freeze-drying preserves the vitamins, nutrients and essential bioactive compounds that are present in live food.
    How much Easy Masstick should I give my fish daily?The amount varies depending on species, size, age, behavior, etc. A proper amount would be approximately 1-2 %25 25 25 of the animal’s weight with respect to its size and age. We generally recommend placing Easy Masstick in several areas of the aquarium and observe if it is consumed in the following 30 minutes. You can increase or decrease the amount depending on the amount consumed.
    Can Easy Masstick be used to feed corals? Yes, for both LPS corals and azooxanthellate corals. You can provide small portions as food for corals like Cinaryna, Caulastrea, Tubastrea, Dendrophylia, etc., or you can mix it with aquarium water to create a “soup” and spread it on azooxanthellate corals with small polyps like Menella, Guaiagorgia, Minabea, etc.

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