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Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800
  • Eheim - Garden Pond LAKE800

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    Rippling water, water lilies in bloom, lively fish: A vivid garden pond is something very special. 

    • User friendly alternative to a pond and liner
    • Quick uncomplicated set up
    • Naturally curved basic shapes
    • Several pond zones provide an optimal climate for flora and fauna
    • High-quality workmanship, robust material

    1) Place the pond on level ground, with the dge facing downwards, and mark the perimeter.
    2) Dig a hole, maintaining a greater distance from the marked perimeter, clear the ground of any stones or debris.
    3) Cover the bottom of the hole with 10-15cm of sand and compact it thoroughly.
    4) Insert the pond making sure that it is perfectly level, and fill any remaining gaps with sand.

    The bog area
    This is a wide and flat area at the edge of the pond. The bog area offers a safe place for frogs to hide as well as a bathing and drinking area for birds and other small animals. There are several choices of decorative plants for this area including marsh marigolds or irises.

    The shallow water zone
    The bog area should merge gently into the shallow water zone. Shallow water plants can filter the nutrients from both the soil and the pond water and purple loosestrife and pickerel weed are ideal for this purpose.

    Deep water zone
    The deep water zone offers space for floating plants like water lilies or for rooted plants like arrowhead. Your pond pump should also be placed in the deep water zone.

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