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EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser
  • EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser
  • EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser
  • EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser
  • EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser
  • EHEIM reeflexUV+e 800 UV-steriliser

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    With EHEIM reeflexUV+e you reduce or eliminate germ contamination and eliminate turbidity in the water. Now with WiFi controls.  


    reeflexUV+e is the WiFi-controlled next step of the proven EHEIM UV clarifier reeflexUV. The principle of the patented reflector technology (with significantly increased germicidal UV-C radiation) has remained the same. While in conventional UV clarifiers the water flows past the UV-C burner via detours, in the EHEIM reeflexUV+e it takes a more direct route. This results in no loss of power and saves energy, being twice as efficient. The reeflexUV+e can be coupled with other products in the EHEIM Digital family and can be controlled via WLAN-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc.). For example, you can select different modes, determine times and pauses and even switch to booster mode in case of a heavy parasite infestation. The reeflexUV+e should be used to support the filter in order to reduce small organisms (germs, algae spores, etc.) in the aquarium.There are 4 models for aquariums from 300 to 2000 litres. As always, this comes with EHEIM’s “Made in Germany” guarantee, ensuring the best standards in manufacturing and materials.


    Advantages of the EHEIM reeflexUV+e

    • Quickly and effectively reduces or eliminates harmful germs (bacteria, fungi, viruses, other pathogens) and infectious swarmers of fish parasites as well as suspended algae in the water
    • Patented reflector technology: The unique arrangement of the UV-C light source and the aquarium water flowing past it, in conjunction with a special reflector, ensures unparalleled efficiency with a low energy input
    • Almost no power loss, as the water is not deflected due to the clarifiers innovative design
    • Excellent results: twice as effective compared to conventional UV clarifiers
    • Also ideal for rearing tanks, as it reduces the risk of infection
    • Bound cleaning bacteria in the filter are preserved, as only floating germs are captured
    • Easy and safe handling and cleaning
    • AUTO-OFF: Automatic safety shut-off when changing lamps
    • Easy mounting due to supplied bracket
    • Variable installation, no defined installation position or flow direction
    • Can be coupled with other products in the EHEIM Digital family (e.g. synchronisation with the aquarium lighting)
    • Controlled via WLAN-enabled devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.)
    • Easy and intuitive operation
    • Three different modes: "constant", "daily cycle", "smart coupling"
    • Configurable burning duration, time, pauses, etc.
    • Booster mode for combating acute parasite infestations
    • Notification by e-mail when the lamp replacement is due
    • Made in Germany
    • 3 years warranty
    • Suitable for both fresh and marine water

    Warning: UV-C radiation can cause damage to eyes and skin even in small doses. The light source contained in this product is intended exclusively for disinfecting aquarium water.

    Special technology for clear water and healthy fish
    In a UV clarifier (also called UV steriliser), the aquarium water is passed in a thin film past a UV-C lamp (burner). The UV-C rays penetrate the water and kill germs, algae spores and other small organisms.

    With conventional technology, the water is only irradiated from one side.  EHEIM, on the other hand, has installed a reflector so that the radiation is mirrored and penetrates the water from several sides. This results in a considerably higher efficiency with reeflexUV+e. Which uses the patented EHEIM reflector technology.

    In addition, the EHEIM reeflexUV+e has no complicated water conduction system. The water is not diverted and flows around the burner without detours. This means that there is no loss of performance.

    AUTO-OFF also ensures optimum safety. Since UV-C radiation is harmful to skin and eyes, reeflexUV+e immediately and automatically switches off when the unit is opened.

    The EHEIM reeflexUV+e can be coupled with other products in the EHEIM Digital family (e.g. lighting). It is controlled via WLAN-enabled end devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook etc.) Operation is simple and intuitive.

    There are three different modes: "constant", " daily cycle" and "smart coupling". Burning duration, time, pauses, etc. can be set individually. There is a booster mode to combat acute parasite infestations. And when a lamp change is due, a message is sent by e-mail.

    You should also know that:
    Compared to natural waters, the bacterial concentration in the aquarium is relatively high due to the smaller amount of water. It is important to reduce this and bring it to a natural level. However, the aquarium water cannot and should not be completely germ-free.

    Only the germs floating freely in the water are captured by the UV clarifier. The bound purification bacteria in the filter (biological filtration), bacteria in the substrate etc. are spared.

    Turbidity of the water caused by bacteria or floating algae can be removed effectively by UV clarification. Basically, algae growth is curbed because the spores are killed.

    UV clarifiers generally ensure healthier fish, as the risk of infection is reduced. A UV clarifier is particularly recommended for rearing tanks. Dangerous pathogens often settle on eggs or infect young fish that do not yet have sufficient defences.

    UV clarification generally does not cause any change in water values. 

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