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High Flow Flexible Filter Media Cup - 4 inch - Blue
  • High Flow Flexible Filter Media Cup - 4 inch - Blue
  • High Flow Flexible Filter Media Cup - 4 inch - Blue

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    High Flow Flexible Filter Media Cup 4 inch - Coral Red (Now Flexible & Slotted for Higher Flow)
    Our 4" Filter Media Cup will replace all those filter socks you have hanging around. Made out of a BPA free Polypropylene, this 4" Filter Media Cup is a solid one-piece design, that holds any filter media. The opaque color will easily hide any blemishes that may occur from changing out filter media.
    The round design allows the Cup to slide into place, regardless of which “side “slides in first. The cup fits most round filter sock holders intended for use with 4" diameter filter socks. An optional Filter Media Cup Adapter is available to accommodate C shaped filter sock holders or those with slightly larger diameter holders.
    Simply drop the Filter Media Cup into your sock holder or filter tray, and fill with the desired filter media. The beauty of the cup is you can use a wide variety of media types including filter pads, filter floss, carbon, GFO, and biological filter media. To clean just replace your filter media as needed. You will no longer need to rinse and house used filter socks.
    To reduce any noise produced by your Filter Media Cup, check out our reef-safe Filter Media Cup Silencer.
    • Dimensions: 6" Height and 4" Diameter
    • Color: Coral Red
    • Made in the USA
    • Material: 100% Virgin BPA free Polypropylene (typically used in Tupperware)
    Note: GFO, Carbon, and other chemical filter media should be placed inside a media bag to prevent media from exiting the filter cup. Our Filter Media Cups are designed to fit sumps that use standard 4" filter socks. As a precaution, we do recommend a thorough rinse with vinegar and water before placing it into your filtration system.

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