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Jebao Wifi AL-90 LED Light
  • Jebao Wifi AL-90 LED Light
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    Jebao Wifi AL-90 LED Light

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    Jebao/Jecod AL-90 90W WIFI LED light Marine coral reef aquarium fish tank lighting

    latest version - 90W CREE lamps.

    Jebao AL-90 marine lighting fixtures, simulating the herbal gentle of the underneath sea, to supply a natu­ral and at ease dwelling surroundings for corals and be offering dwelling creatures in tank. The prime energy AK-eighty has top quality LED . It successfully will increase the liht coverage in your tank. AL-90 with complete spectrum shines good lighting fixtures to each and every nook of your tank. 24 Hours Pre-atmosphere, Auto-Keep an eye on, make your tank because the herbal undersea.

    • Hight high quality, sturdy penetration LED
    • 24HRS pre-Keep an eye on with Wi-Fi, APP(IOS/Android)
    • Person atmosphere LED teams.
    • Quiet cooling gadget with intelligent temperature Keep an eye on coverage

    MAX WATT 90W
    Channels:  6
    cool white: 4 
    warm white: 1
    royal blue: 6
    blue: 6
    violet: 2
    uv: 2
    green: 2
    red: 2

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