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RMS Slide for XR15 G6 & G5 - EcoTech Marine
  • RMS Slide for XR15 G6 & G5 - EcoTech Marine
  • RMS Slide for XR15 G6 & G5 - EcoTech Marine

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    Compatible with both G5 and G6 Radion XR15s.


    Multi-Light Radion Mounting System - Slide Mount

    The Multi-Light RMS is a modular and customizable Radion LED mounting solution for the XR15 and XR30 systems. The RMS Slide Mounts connect your Radion LED to the RMS Track and allow for easy positioning anywhere along the track.


    The Radion Slide Mount is designed to work with the RMS track system and requires the purchase of the three main components:


    RMS Track - Horizontal piece that spans between the RMS Multi-Light Arms

    Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit - Vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light Track


    XR717 RMS Hanging Kit - Allows for simple hanging of the RMS Tracks where tank mount arms are not desired. By hanging the tracks you can easily adjust the height of the lights above the tank for a very clean looking install.

    RMS Slide Mounts - Adjustable mounting brackets that attach to the RMS Track and support the Radion LED lights


    RMS Slide Mount features:

    • Flexible slide mounts allow for precise placement of your Radions
    • Can support XR15 and XR30 lights on the same track
    • Rigid and light-weight
    • Mounts Radions approximately 7.5" inches (19cm) above the tank


    What's Included?

    • RMS XR15 G5/G6 Slide Mount

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