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Royal Pencil Wrasse
  • Royal Pencil Wrasse
  • Royal Pencil Wrasse

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    (Pseudojuloides severnsi)

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    This bright and beautiful species can be found throughout the Indo-West Pacific from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and up to the Ryukyu Islands. Royal Pencil Wrasse are one of the more common Pencil Wrasse available in the aquarium industry. Male Royal Pencil Wrasse are slightly larger than females growing to approximately 4-1/2 inches. Males of this species display multiple colors and intensities depending on their color phase. Mature males display fuchsia to red markings on their nose which can run under the eyes and then stream past the gill covers to the mid-section of the wrasse. Overall body color is light green and muted on the underside. Mature males sport a large, dark blotch or “saddle” from the eyes to middle of its back on the upper half of the fish. From the mid-section back, the wrasse displays variations of blue/green and yellow horizontal stripes which end at the base of the blue to indigo colored tail fin. Female Pencil Wrasse are an overall orange color with yellow eyes and mostly transparent fins. Together, the male and female wrasse complement each other well and are deserving of the Royal name.

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    Care LevelModerateDietCarnivore
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