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Triton - 1-Pack N-DOC Organics Seawater Analysis
  • Triton - 1-Pack N-DOC Organics Seawater Analysis
  • Triton - 1-Pack N-DOC Organics Seawater Analysis

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    Tests for Nitrogen, Dissolved Organic Carbon, & Extended Alkalinity

    Triton N-DOC Test Kit provides a tool to monitor and control the balance of key nutrients that influence bacteria and algae growth and keep your corals alive. Using Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus* (N/C/P) to manage your input of carbon and amino acid sources, you can eliminate problems caused by blind dosing. Collectively the compounds that feed bacteria and algae in an aquarium can cause major issues if they are over or even underdosed. N-DOC Testing from Triton addresses the missing component of nitrogen and carbon testing, accurately measuring the relevant organic compounds that fuel bacterial and algae blooms. When combined with phosphate testing, such as with the Triton ICP-OES test kit, you will gain a complete picture of the important organic balance in your aquarium.

    • Alkalinity isn't as simple as a single dKH measurement
    • Minimize potential issues caused by excessive carbon sources
    • Manage and control your N/C/P ratio for greater overall health
    • Use to determine when water changes are necessary 
    • Carbon & Nitrogen results in mg/L (same as ppm)
    • Alkalinity results in DKH & meq/L



    1. Visit triton-labs website and register an account. 

    2. Inside of the test kit, there will be a barcode that you will need to connect the test kit to the account you just created. 

    3. Collect a sample of water from your aquarium both test vials with aquarium water three times, then filling each vial completely. 

    4. Place the barcodes on each vial and then put them both into the return shipping box. 

    5. Remove the protective film from the sticky tape and seal the box.

    6. Bring the test to us at reef amorous and we will send it to the lab in germany

    7. You will then start to receive email updates when the sample is received, and also when the test is completed. 


    What's Included (Per Kit)?

    2x N-DOC Testing Vials

    2x Registration Barcodes


    *Note - Phosphorus level can be measured by using a recent Triton ICP-OES Test Kit, or manually with any other test kit.

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