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Tropic Marin Bio-Strontium 200 Grams
  • Tropic Marin Bio-Strontium 200 Grams
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    Tropic Marin Bio-Strontium 200 Grams

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    Biologically Ideal Strontium Supplement for Reef Aquariums

    • Replenish essential strontium
    • Does not disrupt ionic balance
    • Natural substances are formed
    • No chelates, phosphates, or nitrates


    A sufficient supply of strontium is as essential for the growth and well-being of reef-building corals as calcium. In the reef aquarium, the strontium concentration can drop rapidly to low values due to biological processes, precipitation and incorporation into the limestone skeleton.


    Tropic Marin Bio-Strontium utilizes the natural environment in the aquarium and delivers strontium and carbon dioxide in a natural, biologically-available, powdered form and thus supports the healthy development of coral. Bio-Strontium does not disturb the ionic balance in contrast to the single addition of strontium chloride.


    What's Included?

    200 Grams Bio-Strontium



    One level measuring spoon increases the strontium level of 10 US Gal./37 l by about 2 ppm. The natural concentration of seawater is 8 ppm. In a reef aquarium, the concentration of strontium decreases quickly through biological processes, precipitation and the use in the calcareous animals. A basic dosage of 1 level measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l every two weeks is recommended. In an aquarium with a high population, the dosage can be as much as 1 level measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l each week.

    When using the enclosed dosage spoon, level the Bio-Strontium with the spatula for a precise measurement. Sprinkle one level measuring spoon full of Bio-Strontium directly on the surface of the aquarium or sump water, while stirring with your hand or a non-metallic object. Wait for each spoonful to dissolve completely before adding the next.

    High strontium concentrations in the aquarium may damage corals. Always be sure to monitor the strontium concentration.

    Notice: Keep out of the reach of children. Irritant to eyes and skin, do not breathe, avoid direct contact.

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