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Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance 500 ml
  • Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance 500 ml
  • Tropic Marin

    Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance 500 ml

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    NP-Bacto-Balance is ideal for keeping nitrate and phosphate low while maintaining the important balance between these key nutrients.
    In many situations, some reef aquariums may develop an excess of nitrate or phosphate while being limited in the other. When this occurs, bacteria and other organisms can't properly metabolize the excess nutrients, and carbon dosing alone is not enough.
    In order to restore the proper ratio of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in these aquariums, it may be necessary to provide additional elements along with the carbon source. NP-Bacto-Balance is a unique solution that can help to stabilize nitrates and phosphates at the lowest possible levels while avoiding nutrient deficiency. With its balanced composition of carefully selected organic and inorganic nutrients, NP-Bacto-Balance acts to reduce nitrate and phosphate while improving coloration and growth of corals, sponges, and other filter feeders.
    Key Benefits
    • Efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate
    • Increased skimmer efficiency
    • Maintains optimal ratio of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus
    • Bacterial biomass acts as nutrient source for filter feeders
    • Prevents situations of nutrient deficiency
    • Improves the coloration and growth of corals and other inverts
    • Suitable for aquariums of all ages
    • Mature tanks can be significantly revived
    • Dose manually or with a dosing pump
    Dosing Recommendations- Dosing depends on the age of the aquarium
    • In the case of new and young tanks (0-1 years old*) no more than 0.25 ml per 100 l /25 US-Gal. tank content should be added per day.
    • In tanks of a medium age (1-2 years old*) up to 0.5 ml per 100 l /25 US-Gal. can be dosed per day
    • In mature tanks (>2 years old*) can receive from 0.5 to 1 ml for 100 l /25 US-Gal. aquarium water per day.
    • For best results, add Tropic Marin NP-Bacto-Balance to a high water flow area in the tank at the beginning of the lighting cycle.
    • Dosage may be adjusted every 2 weeks by .25 mL per 100 liters/25 US-Gal, after testing nitrate and phosphate
    Maximum Dose - A dosage of 1 ml per 100 l /25 US-Gal. tank content per day should not be exceeded under any circumstances. If a clouding of the tank is observed after the elevation of the dosage of NP-BACTO-BALANCE, the dosage should be reduced to the previous level.
    Besides the organic and inorganic nutrients, NP-Bacto-Balance also contains the same trace elements of Tropic Marin K+ Elements in the same concentration. Up to a dosage of 0.75 mL NP-Bacto-Balance per 25 gallons per day, a further supplement with 1 ml/25g K+ Elements can have a positive effect on the coloration of the corals. We recommend adding the Tropic Marin® A- Elements for a complete trace elements dosage to add missing trace elements such as iodine, bromine, fluorine, vanadium, molybdenum, and selenium.
    Note - Dosages are approximate guides. In individual cases, the measurement depends on the stability of the tank.

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