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Tropic Marin Potassium 500ml
  • Tropic Marin Potassium 500ml
  • 11 % Tropic Marin

    Tropic Marin Potassium 500ml

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    For supply of potassium in aquariums

    Key Benefits

    • For supply of potassium in aquariums
    • Essential main nutrient for all organisms
    • Improve vitality and colors of many corals


    Directions for Use

    Tropic Marin Potassium contains 10 %25 potassium. A dose of 15 ml Tropic Marin Potassium will raise the potassium concentration in 40 gallons by approximately 10 ppm. Maximum recommended dose is 30 ml Potassium per 40 gallons of system water volume per day.


    Caution: The natural potassium concentration (approx. 408 mg/l) should not be exceeded – higher potassium concentrations can be harmful for sensitive invertebrates. On the other hand, by adjusting the potassium concentration to the natural level with Tropic Marin Potassium may improve vitality and colors of many corals. Potassium concentration should always be measured before dosing.

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