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Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt 4 KG
  • Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt 4 KG
  • Tropic Marin

    Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt 4 KG

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    Pharmaceutically pure sea salt with probiotic bacteria and prebiotic bacteria food


    The new Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt contains probiotic bacteria for fish and inverts and special prebiotic bacteria food to promote probiotic bacterial growth and to create low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium. The term synbiotic refers to supplements that combine probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism.

    Tropic Marin Syn-Biotic Sea Salt is ideal when you are setting up a new tank and every time you expand the tank’s stock. It has been proven that probiotic bacteria help to overcome stress and disease while enhancing the health and well-being of fish and crustaceans. For the best results, the aquarium should have a water change with Syn-Biotic Sea Salt prior to any new stock being introduced.

    The contained prebiotic additives promote the integration of nitrates and phosphates in bacterial mass for low-nutrient conditions and vivid coral coloration. For sustained benefit to fish and corals as well as microbiological stability, Syn-Biotic Seasalt can be used permanently. Each water change with Syn-Biotic Sea Salt automatically adds the probiotic bacteria necessary to maintain healthy biological processes.


    Key Benefits

    • Probiotic bacteria improve the health and well-being of fish and crustaceans and assist in overcoming stress& illness
    • Prebiotic additives promote nitrate and phosphate reduction while supporting coral health& color
    • Contains additional nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria to support the nitrogen cycle
    • Ideal for new tanks& livestock increases
    • Suitable for permanent use – for stable microbiology within the aquarium
    • Produced with pharmaceutically pure salts, without any nitrate or phosphate additives or other unnatural enrichments


    Two Sizes Available:

    • 4 Kg Box for 100-120 l / 26-31 US-gal.
    • 10KG Bucket for 250-300 l / 66-80 US-gal.



    • Alkalinity: 8-9 dKH
    • Calcium: 430-450
    • Magnesium: 1300-1350

    Mixing Directions

    To achieve a salinity level of 35 ppt, dissolve one-half cup for every gallon of water in a container, stirring continuously. The specific gravity of the solution should be 1.025 to 1.027 at a temperature of 77 °F. The prepared saltwater can be used as soon as the salt is fully dissolved.

    Note: Always add the sea salt to the water – not the other way round. When checking the conductivity of freshly prepared Syn-Biotic saltwater the conductivity will show approx. 10% low results, because the contained organic substances affect the measurement. It is normal for the saltwater to turn slightly cloudy immediately after use and this indicates that the synbiotic additives are taking effect.

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