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Tropic Marin Zooton 60 gram
  • Tropic Marin Zooton 60 gram
  • Tropic Marin

    Tropic Marin Zooton 60 gram

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    Plankton Substitute for Hard Corals and other Zooplankton Filter Feeders

    • Energy Supply for Corals
    • Rich in Carotenoids and Vitamin B12
    • Select Marine Ingredients
    • Ideal for SPS Coral
    Corals require the proper food to obtain nutrients for energy and Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Zooton was engineered to fulfill those needs in a size appropriate for corals with small polyps and other filter feeders. Consisting of mainly select marine ingredients like fish, shrimp, and spirulina, it is rich in elements in minerals your corals need to grow. 
    Naturally, zooplankton moves around at night and that is when your corals will be the most responsive to feeding. Tropic Marin believes in offering a natural wealth of plankton, like Zooton to corals when the lights are out to have the best results. 
    Add 1 level measuring spoon twice a day, for every 200 to 500 liters (50 to 150 gallons) of aquarium water. Mix the corresponding amount of Zooton with aquarium water in a container. Let stand for a few minutes. Slowly add the Zooton – food mixture to the aquarium water.
    Ingredients - Fish and fish by-products, shrimp and shrimp by-products, marine algae, brewers yeast, spirulina.
    Note: Store in a cool and dry place.

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    Food TypePowder
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    1 Review
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        Mohammad ALfalah 
      Aug. 20, 2021
      مهم للاحياء وانا بعد ما استخدمتو تحسنت تفتيحة الاحياء
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