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Yellow Scopas Tang
  • Yellow Scopas Tang
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    Yellow Scopas Tang

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    (Zebrasoma scopas) 

    Following the hype on the multicolored aberrant or Koi scopas tangs that showed up in the last few years, we scored a very nice Super-Xanthic Yellow Scopas Tang this week. Unlike the aberrant Scopas tang that all come from the same isolated offshore reef, and is due to localized inbreeding, the Super-Xanthic yellow Tang is a lonely winner of the gene lottery, holding a pair of 2 recessive genes.

    A 125 gallon or larger aquarium is necessary to provide plenty of swimming room. It is aggressive towards its own species or tangs in general, and best kept with only one per tank.

    Although Tangs will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium, it is important that they are offered plenty of marine based seaweed and algae. This will strengthen their immune system, reduce aggression and improve their overall health. Offer dried seaweed tied to a rock or use a veggie clip, and feed at least 3 times per week. Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad and Ocean Nutrition are all ideal products and are very easy to use.

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    UPCFish278Product TypeMarin Fish
    Care LevelModerateDietHerbivore
    Reef CompatibleReef SafeTemperamentSemi-aggressive
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