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Yellow Scribbled Pipefish
  • Yellow Scribbled Pipefish
  • Yellow Scribbled Pipefish

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    (Corythoichthys cf. intestinalis)

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    This delicate species is recommended for advanced aquarists only, who can dedicate a mature reef setting to these gentle elongate fish - either as a species-only set up, or with non-competitive placid tankmates only. They will NOT fare well in a typical community reef setting. 

    In the wild, the peaceful Snake Pipefish is known from calm reef flats and lagoons (and sometimes the deeper portions of seaward reefs that are not disturbed by the pummelling wave action further above) over sandy or mixed sand and rubble substrates. Here these curious syngnathids may be observed in pairs or small aggregations, slinking along just above the substrate in a manner akin to a 'horizontal seahorse', feeding on various tiny benthic crustaceans. The home aquarium must be tailored specifically to their needs. Filtration should be thorough, but water movement gentle. Ensure that these fish cannot be drawn against filter intakes or blown into the décor by current that is too vigorous. Provide plenty of shady overhangs amongst living rock, and shelter in the form of gorgonians, coral skeletons, marine plants and the like. Best maintained in pairs or small groups. May also be seen on sale as Scribbled Pipefish, Messmate Pipefish, or Dragon Pipefish.


    Can be very challenging to feed. This species MUST be provided with natural prey on an ongoing basis. Live rock is always recommended, but a more constant supply of tiny live foods for this purpose can be reliably cultured in a fishless refugium. New additions often readily take live brineshrimp (try to gut load them first), but this alone does not provide enough sustenance. These fish should be weaned onto Mysis shrimp as soon as possible. Most specimens will refuse frozen foods, so be prepared to culture your own copepods, isopods, amphipods, Mysids etc. Feed several times daily, and ensure they are not being out competed for food by unsuitable tankmates.

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