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Wesam Azmi
10 Sep 2021

Have you ever heard about Zeovit?

Well, Zeovit is a system invented by Korallen-Zucht located in the beautiful south of Germany – in Bavaria – and they have the biggest coral farm and coral retail and wholesale outlet in Europe back from year 2000.

Zeovit aquarium


Let’s begin by diving into the Zeovit maintenance system as a whole..

Zeovit is a system centers around the addition of specific bacterial sources to help rid the system of excess nutrients. The main idea is to mimic natural seawater or NSW parameters by reducing the levels of nitrate and phosphate without lowering other essential parameters such as calcium and magnesium, and finally achieve ULNS or ultra-low nutrient system.


Zeovit starter back


When setting up a full Zeovit system, you need four main products:
- Zeolites: the greenish stones that are usually placed in a reactor that bacterial colonize and grow on.
- Zeobac: The bacterial blend used to drive down the nutrients.
- Zeofood: A food source for your bacterial and coral.
- Zeostart: This is a carbon source to feed the nitrifying bacteria. When all of this is added, it is recommended to run a large protein skimmer to remove additional organics, mainly the increased bacterial load and to remove all refugium, algae scrubbers, and macroalgae reactors.

Now, As bacteria colonize, it can congregate and turn into a whiteish slime, called mulm. In the Zeovit system, this primary happens in the Zeovit reactor as the bacteria grow on the zeolites. At least once a day the hobbyist is supposed to shake the zeolites in the reactor to release the mulm. Some of the bacteria will be skimmed out by the skimmer, and some will be consumed by the coral in the tank.

after that, you can start the other Zeovit products that will pup out all the deep colors of corals, you will be surprised when you see how colorful the Zeovit system corals will be


Zeovit corals

What is the nature of Zeovit products?

There are many products that can be used with Zeovit or without Zeovit tanks, but you must follow the instructions carefully before using them in your aquarium that does not adopt the Zeovit method. It is worth menstioning that the nature of these products is highly concentrated and each has a specific role. There is, for example, what plays a role in showing the yellow or gold color, for example, and there is what appears red, and so on. There is also something that encourages the growth of acropora and there what increase in the growth of LPS. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the instructions carefully as mentioned in the manufacturer's instructions. It may be a good idea to start with half the recommended dose, then start increasing until you reach the recommended amount on the product.


Many of the other benefits for Zeovit system, such as


- You can feed your fish and corals more without fear of high levels of nitrates and phosphates
- Zeovit tanks have a high degree of water purity because it is free of any nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates.
- Less maintenance than a normal system.
- Coral colors are bright, completely different from what you see in other systems