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TUNZE - Care Magnet strong
  • TUNZE - Care Magnet strong
  • TUNZE - Care Magnet strong

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    Dimensions - 3.39" x 5.51" (86mm x 140mm)

    Glass Thickness - 0.50" to 0.79" (15mm to 20mm)

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    Tunze has reinvented the magnet glass cleaner with the Care Magnet, which is comprised of an ergonomic handle and specially contoured plastic blades made of wear-resistant high performance plastic. One of the standout features of the Care Magnet cleaners is their blade shape. The plastic blades have rounded corners to enable cleaning up to the corners and transitioning between glass panes without damaging the silicone seals. The Care Booster grips ensure that the Care Magnet’s inner cleaning magnet can float to the surface if it becomes decoupled from the outer magnet, and the booster grips can also be used as a convenient grip aid for the outer magnet.



    • Special plastic blades made of wear-resistant high-performance plastic
    • Plastic Blade life - several months to approx. one year
    • Care Boosters boost ease of use and aid in retrieval
    • Compact design with large cleaning surface area
    • Inner magnet is more than 3mm away from the aquarium and prevents jamming of aquarium sand
    • Angled blades remove more algae than a flat blade
    • Available in Pico, Nano, Long, Strong, and Strong+
    • Max Glass Thickness - 3/4”


    What’s Included?

    • 1x Tunze Care Magnet Strong
    • 1x Stainless steel blade
    • 2x Spare plastic blades
    • 2x Care Booster Grips
    • 4x Clips
    • 8x Colored end caps (blue, green, white, black).

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